Welcome to Eagles Nest!

Eagle's Nest Christian Home Educators' Association is a support group for home educators in Coweta County and surrounding counties in Georgia.

Eagle's Nest has a membership of approximately 330 home school families. Members participate in a wide variety of activities. Eagle's Nest parents have also coordinated their talents to form weekly co-ops, which offers an even greater variety of activities for their children. Members of Eagle's Nest  have access to a members only yahoo group and participate in several events throughout the year, including Eagle's Nest Family Fun Days and the Annual Membership Round Up.

We operate in Coweta County therefore our programs are closed if the Coweta County school system is closed due to weather.  These programs include, Archery, Voyagers, Explorers, Bridge and Eluminatus

**Our annual Round-up will be June 25, 2016 begining at 10:00 a.m. at Royal Baptist Church**

 Round-Up is the annual Eagles Nest Open House .  All of the various activities, co-ops, and groups it offerred will be available for questions and information.  Eagles Nest membership opens-up and all members must begin the process of renewing their annual membership in order to participate in any of the events, groups or activities.  

         Please come out and see what we are all about and join in the fun begining ar 10:00a.m.     


The purpose of Eagles’ Nest Christian Home Educators Association (ENCHEA) is to provide support to Christian home educators in Coweta County and surrounding areas.

Board Members

The Eagle's Nest Board of Directors is made up of up to five member families dedicated to leading and serving the Eagle's Nest family.

The following families are currently on the Board of Directors:
  • Chris & Rhonda Abercrombie
  • Bobby Dennis
  • Rod & Darla Garrison
  • Hank & Alicia Strickland
  • Jamie & Lori Walker

New to Homeschooling?

Please contact Alicia Strickland for questions about Eagle's Nest or homeschooling in general. See our list of Frequently Asked Questions about homeschooling.

2015 - 2016 Registration Information 

In order to participate in Field Trips, Voyagers, Explorers, Bridge, Eluminatus, Prom, Graduation, Women's Retreat, and Presidential Service Award, you must be a member of Eagle's Nest.  Click on the tabs above for information on our programs!!  Registration begins at round-up.

You join Eagles Nest by mailing your annual family membership to the registrar.  The annual membership is required to participate in any Eagles Nest function.  The cost is $35.00 per family.  Alumni pay $15.00 a year.



Eagle's Nest Christian Homeschoolers Association is a privately-operated organization and receives no federal, state or government assistance. We accept families regardless of race or national origin. The submission of registration application does not insure admittance. Admittance depends upon the approval of the administration upon review of the registration application. Initial admittance and ongoing matriculation in ENCHEA is tentative and may be withdrawn if, in the judgement of the administration, the student and/or guardians are not in compliance with the policies of ENCHEA as indicated in the ByLaws.


We encourage a modest Christian appearance at all times.
Pants: Jeans, dress casual or cargo type pants are acceptable -no holes or patches above the knee,
no underwear and no midriff or backside showing...wear a belt if necessary, no sweat pants.
Boys, Shorts: Walking/Bermuda length shorts, no shorter that two inches above the top of the knee.
Girls, Skirts/shorts: Opaque leggings or tights must be worn with skirts or shorts that are above the knee for modesty. Shirts/tops worm with leggings must hit mid-thigh at least. Leggings are not to be worn as pants. 
Swimwear: No bikinis will be allowed at any Eagles Nest function.  Only one piece or tankini swimwear that completely covers the midriff may be worn.

Official Dress Code for Eagle's Nest Events designated Formal or Semi-Formal:
Young Men –   Formal - Tuxedo or suit,  Semi-formal – long pants, collared shirts, (coats and ties are optional) no t- shirts or jeans.

Young Ladies – dresses - the shortest part of the hem should be at fingertip length OR 4" above the knee or 4" above the knee while seated, whichever is LONGEST, no strapless or low cut dresses allowed, (no cleavage) no keyholes or cutouts below the armpit.

Please be on your best behavior for the night.  We want to leave a good impression as Christians and as homeschoolers.  Improprieties such as drinking any alcoholic beverages (before or during), smoking, cursing, BEING DISRESPECTFUL, open and blatant public displays of affection and any type of substance abuse will not be tolerated, parents may be called and asked to pick up anyone that violates the rules.   

The chaperones have the right to determine any other issues.  There will be consequences for any violations and the opportunity to continue to go to EN dances depends on the behavior displayed. 

Please remember we are the light of Christ in the world and we need to act accordingly, think before you do something, when in doubt, don't!
EN Board