Yearbook Info

To get your kids pictures in their “grade level” in the yearbook, you must have their picture taken on EN Picture day.  Whether you buy a package or not (and just pay the sitting fee), their picture will be in their grade with all the other kids in that grade.
  • Please keep a look out for emails about EN Picture days (usually 2 days: 1 at Heatherwood and 1 at Explorers)
  • We also hope to put these dates on the EN web calendar.

Yearbook Prices

The 2016/17 Yearbook is now $60.00

For Yearbook 2017/2018

  • Round Up Special (That day only) $45
  • June 25, 2017 – Dec. 31, 2017  $50
  • After Jan 1, 2018 $60
Upon yearbook delivery date  (each year)– you have 90 days in which to pick up your yearbooks. After 90 days – you forfeit your yearbook with no refunds.

Directions to upload photos to Entourage Yearbooks

Dear EN Families, We are excited to be working with a new Yearbook company this next year. You are going to LOVE the upload feature. It is so simple and you can even import from Facebook and Instagram. Yeah!! Please go in and look at the categories and submit photos for as many as possible. We would ask that you pick your best photo and upload, not send in a lot of the same category. This will make it easier when working on the pages for more families to be represented. We want to make this yearbook the best ever and we can’t do it without you and your fabulous photo’s!!!!  If you have any questions, you may direct those to or
To begin up loading:
Find the Log In feature in the upper right hand corner and click.
User ID: Eaglesnest2017
Password: Eaglesnest2017
On the first page you will see Upload Photos, click on this.
1. Choose Category for your photo
2. Select the files from computer
3. Upload
4. Add caption with as much information as possible.
From FACEBOOK and Instagram there will be an icon for those. (just click on the icon)
1. Upload from which category, (mobile upload, cover photos, etc)
2. Deselect all then click the ones you would like to upload for each category
3. Select the category
4. Then click on the Import Facebook Photo’s
You will see your pictures come up on the screen.
5. Select edit and add your captions then save.